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CASTKING Casting Equipment specializes in producing fully automatic horizontal parting molding machines for casting, fully automatic horizontal parting box less molding machines, green sand mold automatic box setting and iron pressing molding production lines. Our company owns 40000m² The production workshop is an integrated enterprise that integrates design, production, and research and development. All equipment is independently designed, processed, and assembled, and has complete independent intellectual property rights.

CASTKING Casting Equipment is one of the few comprehensive companies in China that integrates casting technology and automation machinery production. For many years, the company has focused on the production and research and development of clay sand automation molding equipment, with sales customers scattered throughout the country and overseas. Models such as 1300x800, 1150X750, 1000X1000, 850x750, 800X600, 750x650, 700x600,  600x550, 600x500, 520x420 can also be customized according to customer product requirements. The wide range of machine model covers can solve the molding production problems of casting enterprises, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and effectively solve the problems of difficult recruitment and management in casting factories.

Fully automatic casting and molding production line

CASTKING Casting Equipment fully automatic casting molding machine can solve the following problems:

1. Reduce the labor intensity of workers;

2. Improve casting production efficiency;

3. Improve product quality;

4. Reduce production costs.

Green sand mold automatic box setting and pressing iron molding production line

CASTKING Casting Equipment has always focused on the research and development of core technologies for fully automatic horizontal parting molding machines and casting automation equipment. Currently, it has independent intellectual property rights and core technologies in electric control systems, mechanical structures, hydraulic systems, and has obtained numerous patent technologies. Currently, there are over 100 employees, including more than 10 technical research and development personnel and more than 15 engineers.

sand mold fully automatic molding machine production line

Automatic casting molding machine

CASTKING Casting Equipment

Focusing on the casting automation industry

Company Profile

CASTKING Casting Equipment has been specializing in the manufacturing of cast iron sand molding machine, automatic sand casting molding machine, automatic green sand molding machine production lines for many years. The company has over 1000+ customer cases and produces 200+ sets of casting automation equipment annually.

0 Yr Founded in 2010
0 + Patent certificates is 50+
0 Factory area is 40000㎡
0 + Skilled workers is 100+

Talent Philosophy:

Adhere to the concept of "excellent talents are the foundation of building excellent enterprises", pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents.

Service Concept:

Do a good job with every product.

Business philosophy:

Set up the integrity of the enterprise image, promote the benign development of enterprises.

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