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What are the requirements for sand molds for fully automatic casting molding machines?

Date: 2023-10-05   Views: 84

Due to its mechanical manufacturing, the fully automatic casting molding machine replaces manual operations, reducing the labor intensity of workers and saving a lot of manpower. The factory can save a lot of money in just one day. The workpiece is mechanically vibrated and compacted, which has a higher compactness than ordinary hand molded sand. Moreover, the size of the casting can ensure an error rate of 3 ‰, with uniform quality and a smooth and beautiful appearance.

From the perspective of casting technology, the fully automatic casting molding machine has the following requirements for the compacted sand mold.

1. The sand mold should have necessary breathability to avoid defects such as pores during pouring.

2. The compacted sand mold should be easy to touch, with low rebound force, and can maintain casting accuracy after touch.

3. After the sand mold is compacted, it should have sufficient compactness to withstand the expansion during transportation or flipping without damage; At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the pressure and stress generated during the casting pouring and solidification process. Due to insufficient compactness of the sand mold, the movement of the mold wall may occur, resulting in dimensional deviation of the casting.

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