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The main operating characteristics of the fully automatic horizontal box less molding machine for casting

Date: 2023-10-16   Views: 189

The main operating characteristics of the fully automatic horizontal box less molding machine for casting:

1. Fully automatic one click operation without the need for professional workers

Each complete shape only needs to press the start button once (when the core is not being lowered). If a workpiece needs to be lowered, the program will automatically stop after selecting it. After the core is lowered, press the mold closing button, and the program will automatically complete

2. Horizontal parting for easy core removal

3. The equipment can use ordinary coal powder sand, clay sand, and red sand, but the sand used for general molding machines is sufficient, and the requirements for sand are not high.

4 Template installation: Four screws are fixed and replaced within five minutes to adapt to frequent mold replacement.

5. Mold hardness: The mold hardness can be freely adjusted according to the requirements of different castings, and it is very convenient and fast to adjust a few parameters, with a maximum of 85-90 degrees.

6. Adjustable mold height to save molding sand: The upper and lower compaction plates can be adjusted to produce different mold heights.

7. Precision of molding: Both modeling and molding are carried out in a unified positioning template and sandbox system, with high repeatability accuracy.

8. Constant and uniform casting quality: This machine adopts a high-precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer, and position detection linkage, and the entire molding process is fully automatic control without human interference, so the molding quality is stable, uniform, efficient, and reliable.

9. Equipped with safety protection device: advanced light curtain protection ensures the personal safety of the operator

10. Modeling speed: approximately 50 seconds per box

11. Mold dimensions: 700x600, 600mmx500mm, 450mmx550mm, 450mmx350mm and other specifications. Large size models can be customized according to customer requirements

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