Automatic Green Sand Molding Machine

Automatic horizontal parting flaskless sand molding machine

650*750(T20)Fully automatic horizontal flaskless molding machine

650*750(T20)Fully automatic horizontal flaskless molding machine

Product Category:Automatic horizontal parting flaskless sand molding machine

Product Specification:Automatic sand casting molding machine size of sand box (mm):650 x 750, The automatic sand casting molding machine runs fully automatically, without the need for professional operation, is simple to use, and saves labor.

Product detail:

The fully automatic sand casting molding machine adopts a horizontal parting box less molding method, with the main advantages as follows:

1. Fully automatic one click operation without the need for professional styling workers, saving a lot of styling technicians

2. The machine adopts a horizontal parting, no sand box shape, and is convenient for operating the mud core.

3. The machine does not have high requirements for molding sand, and it is generally sufficient to use the original machine sand.

4. Sand hardness

It can be freely adjusted according to the requirements of different castings, and the operation can be completed by adjusting the parameters, which is simple and convenient. The machine adopts an advanced hydraulic system, with smooth operation, high extrusion pressure, and a sand mold compactness of up to 85-90 degrees.

5. Mold installation

The machine mold only needs 6 screws to be fixed and replaced within 5 minutes.

6. Fully automatic styling, no need for professional operation

The machine adopts PLC fully automatic control, high-pressure airflow sand blowing, hydraulic extrusion compaction molding sand.

7. Mold closing accuracy

Modeling, clamping, and other operations are carried out within high-precision guide pillars, with high precision in repeated positioning, effectively reducing the probability of incorrect packaging.

8. Stable casting quality

The molding machine adopts high-precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer control system, and position detection system linkage, and the entire molding process is fully automatic control without human intervention, so the molding quality is stable, efficient, and reliable.

9. Adjustable sand mold height

The height of the sand box can be adjusted, and the height of the sand box can be set according to the casting situation, effectively saving molding sand.

10. Low operating costs

Low operating costs, low machine power consumption, and a small amount of compressed air consumption greatly save production costs for enterprises.

11. Safety protection and touch devices

Advanced light curtain protection ensures the personal safety of operators. Touch screen, parameter settings, very convenient.

12. Can be used as a fully automatic production line or as a standalone machine

It can be produced with a fully automatic conveyor line or on a single machine, and can be selected according to one's own situation.

Automatic sand molding machine model parameters:

Molding machine model parameters

Automatic sand molding machine configuration:

Molding machine configuration

Customer Cases of Automatic green Sand Molding Machine Production Line

Customer Cases of Casting Molding Machine Production Line

Foundry Clay Foundry Green Sand Process Treatment Production Line/Sand Reclamation Production Line

Foundry Clay Foundry Green Sand Process Treatment Production Line/Sand Reclamation Production Line

We can design a complete set of casting automation solutions for you based on your product characteristics and production workshop conditions, including: automatic casting molding machines, fully automatic open cast iron casting conveyor lines, green clay process sand treatment production lines, and other casting machinery.

Cooperative clients

Casting molding machine machine cooperative clients

Foundry molding machines produce sand molds and castings

Casting molding machine machine sand molds

Casting molding machine machine details

Casting molding machine machine details

Factory Overview

Casting molding machine machine factory Overview

Our company owns 40000m² The production workshop is an integrated enterprise that integrates design, production, and research and development. All equipment is independently designed, processed, and assembled, and has complete independent intellectual property rights.

Export shipment of casting production line

Export shipment of casting molding machines

CASTKING Casting Equipment fully automatic casting molding machine can solve the following problems:

1. Reduce the labor intensity of workers;

2. Improve casting production efficiency;

3. Improve product quality;

4. Reduce production costs.

Green sand mold automatic box setting and pressing iron molding production line

CASTKING Casting Equipment has always focused on the research and development of core technologies for fully automatic horizontal parting molding machines and casting automation equipment. Currently, it has independent intellectual property rights and core technologies in electric control systems, mechanical structures, hydraulic systems, and has obtained numerous patent technologies. Currently, there are over 100 employees, including more than 10 technical research and development personnel and more than 15 engineers.

sand mold fully automatic molding machine production line

Automatic casting molding machine

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