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The correct usage method of the fully automatic casting molding machine

Date: 2023-10-09   Views: 90

The correct usage method of the fully automatic casting molding machine:

1. Before starting the casting molding machine, it is necessary to first check whether the lubrication device of the casting molding machine is complete, and add oil according to regulations. Check whether all tightening components are tight, whether all operating handles are in the zero position (empty position), whether the air valve is flexible, and whether there is any air leakage in the pipeline. Then, open the main air valve to release any accumulated air and water in the pipeline.

2. When using the casting automatic molding machine, the operator should be familiar with the mechanical components, electrical components, action programs, lubrication systems, and other requirements specified in the equipment use. The molding machine compaction sand mold program consists of four steps: compaction, placement of the pressure head, compaction, and placement of the pressure head. Molding machine lifting program: workbench clamping, lifting of the lifting rod, removal of the sand box, and resetting of the chassis.

3. When using the fully automatic casting molding machine, it is necessary to carefully observe the operation situation. During operation, the lubricating parts and the sand particles in the operating parts should be frequently blown clean with air, and it is strictly prohibited to stick sand to each lubricating part.

4. After completing each styling task, the workbench must be cleaned before the second styling task can begin.

5. After using the casting molding machine, the handle should be returned to the zero (empty) position, all valves should be closed, the equipment should be cleaned, and the site should be cleaned. The sliding (rotating) parts of the equipment should be kept clean and lubricated, and the tools and molds should be carefully inspected.

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