Product detail:

Features of the Fully automatic casting molding machine for casting:

1. Maximize the utilization of existing equipment and site supporting power in the foundry, and save investment.

2. Installation, debugging, and production are fast, which can quickly achieve a super value return on investment.

3. Mechanical fully automatic one button operation, without the need for professional technical personnel, with fault and monitoring, display functions, can display faults and valve actions, oil pressure, air pressure, and pressure changes on the display, making maintenance convenient and fast.

4. The mechanical performance is stable, safe and reliable, and special technology is used. The upper and lower types work simultaneously, with uniform sand shape, high hardness, short molding time, low air consumption, and low noise.

5. The sand mold height is adjustable, suitable for castings of different heights.

6. The replacement of mold plates is convenient, and old molds can be used directly.

7. The sand type has high positioning accuracy, and the machinery uses guide pins for positioning. The sand type can be positioned twice to prevent many forming defects such as misalignment and low accuracy.

8. Convenient core placement.

9. Equipped with advanced safety protection and protective devices, it can effectively protect the operator.

Molding machine model parameters:

Fully automatic casting molding machine

Molding machine configuration:

Fully automatic casting molding machine

CASTKING Casting Equipment fully automatic casting molding machine can solve the following problems:

1. Reduce the labor intensity of workers;

2. Improve casting production efficiency;

3. Improve product quality;

4. Reduce production costs.

Fully automatic casting molding machine

CASTKING Casting Equipment has always focused on the research and development of core technologies for fully automatic horizontal parting molding machines and casting automation equipment. Currently, it has independent intellectual property rights and core technologies in electric control systems, mechanical structures, hydraulic systems, and has obtained numerous patent technologies. Currently, there are over 100 employees, including more than 10 technical research and development personnel and more than 15 engineers.

Fully automatic casting molding machine

Fully automatic casting molding machine

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